T-shirt “Blondy”

Sexy edition T-shirt Blondy by lubudubum (Lyubov Matyunina)

€33,- €29,70

T-shirt “Blondy” available for purchase.
Size S, M, L and XL. 99% cotton 1% polyester.
Silkscreen & embroidery, made with love.

“Make love, not war” / sexy edition / – fashion collection by artist Lyuba Matyunina (lubudubum.com). Prints are based on drawings Lyuba made during her work as shop assistant at one of Amsterdam sex shop. “Make love, not war” art prints are promoting the idea of diversity and mind openness. Let’s love and respect each other, not fight!

There are 6 unique designs available. The artist herself made all prints on good quality shirts using silkscreen and embroidery techniques.