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We are about to enter the last week of our crowdfunding campaign Tender Loving Care for HMK at! Until now we managed to raise two-third of the funds needed to realise the project. Help us reach our €3000,- goal, receive nice rewards in return and contribute to a much-needed update of our building. Visit and donate now!

About the project
Over the past few weeks artists-in-residence Kevin Hunt and Harriet Rose Morley worked on their ideas to turn the reception rooms of HMK into a welcoming space that resonates with, and communicates the idea of a space as a place of Tender Loving Care. After a phase of decluttering and experimentation, now actual work has started with Kevin Hunt’s project LETTERHEAD and Harriet Rose Morley’s Self-care in self-build.

Kevin Hunt’s project LETTERHEAD is both a spacial intervention and a sculptural rethinking of the function of many aspects of Hotel Maria Kapel’s reception rooms. It reimagines the heart of the organisation as a vibrant, lively and caring environment for meeting, working and learning. Taking influence from both a mundane, mass produced, modern bookend and a round shape within the architecture of the Mariakapel, a repeated shape now populates the offices, bar, paperwork, shop and entrance spaces; a linguistic motif prompting a convivial atmosphere, forming a welcoming installation that also functions as HMK’s newly established ‘meeting area’.

Self-care in self- build
Over the period of the residency at HMK, Harriet Rose Morley initiates a number of workshops that explore the idea of care as a collaborative practice. They consist of collectively building modular furniture from a blueprint for open source furniture that she specifically designed during her stay at Hotel Maria Kapel. The workshops facilitate conversation, value and ownership over the objects created, and departs from the premises that by taking care for the space of HMK the space will, in return, also take care of its staff, guests and local community.