workshop: self-care in self-build

by Harriet Rose Morley, in the framework of Tender Loving Care
13 October 2019, 1 to 5 pm

Self-care in self-build is a starting point for discussions and conversations. It is open for everyone, all levels of DIY experience, including no experience. During the workshop you are invited to collectively build modular furniture from a blueprint for open source furniture that the artist specifically designed for the public space of HMK. The workshop facilitates conversation, value and ownership over the objects created. During Self-care in self-build we would like to create a safe learning environment for anyone who would like to be involved.

More about the artist
Harriet Rose Morley is a multi-disciplinary artist, maker, educator, and facilitator. She works across the disciplines of public art, sculpture, architectural spaces, furniture design, urban planning, and alternative education. Her work and projects often challenge our conceptions of the function of public art, urban objects and space; how they do but often don’t function, and how they can be sources of humorous critique of urban architectural space and planning.