Tender Loving Care

…and the reason why this project is now taking place at HMK.

We need artistic spaces for free thinking. Spaces that allow us to investigate, to critique, to experiment, to create and hold conversations. In a time where we are all under constant pressure to perform -at work, in school, at the gym, in the bedroom and as institutions- we see the sustenance of public spaces for reflection and careful creative exploration, such as Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK], as a consciously political act of protecting civic spaces. We are interested in constructing a public space rather than just being a public space.

In the coming year we will be exploring how we can best be an institutional space for creativity and thought and we look forward to sharing this process with you, our artists, our visitors and our colleagues.

HMK is housed in a beautiful old chapel that over the last four centuries has hosted a range of activities, both caring and harmful. For the last fifteen years the Maria Chapel has been the home to HMK’s artistic activities, but now the time has come that the chapel itself is in need of a helping hand. Our current project, Tender Loving Care, is imagined as a project that can help us frame, in the most brick-and-mortar sense of the word, our investigation of being an inviting institution. We are therefore very happy that you have taken time to follow our campaign and we are grateful to everyone who has already supported us. It means a lot to know that you care about what we do.

We are very happy to have two talented artists with us who are doing their utmost to revamp HMK. Kevin Hunt and Harriet Rose Morley have already injected the institution with new ideas. Through their work they ask what it means to provide spatial care in different ways. Kevin Hunt’s LETTERHEAD is “an environment for thinking more about ourselves and each other”. Turning our reception area and office into an inviting space that makes us and our guests feel like they matter, Kevin’s patterned intervention reimagines the heart of the organisation as a caring milieu for meeting, working and learning. Harriet Rose Morley’s Self-care in self-build gives us tools to create one-of-a-kind self made furniture that means more than the mass produced objects we surround ourselves. Recently we, the HMK team, already experienced the joy and pride it gives to make our own desks and chairs from scratch.

Work already has begun, but with your help we can make the space absolutely fabulous. Thank you for taking the time and effort to help maintain spaces of freedom and creativity.