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[Image description: a photo taken by a phone camera looking into a large shopping bag filled with stinging nettles that have been picked and then given to the photographer, Katherine, by a friend for cooking.]

by Katherine MacBride

Saturday, 28 March, 1 to 6 pm Due to recent developments with regard to COVID-19 we decided that this event will take on a different shape. Further information will follow very soon.

A day of shared experiences working on/working through/working with an understanding of work as an unfolding iterative practice of care.

This event is organised in English, although proficient English is not necessary for most of the activities and basic Dutch translations are available for everything except the talks.
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Doing emotional work is an ongoing process in any relation at any scale, be it personal, societal, or ecological. When, how, and by and for whom it happens tends to weigh unevenly within and across relations. Those with more power and privilege often do less of this collective work than those in less priviliged positions. And no relation is separate from every other existing relation.

During this afternoon of shared collective activities, those present will be invited to work on/work through/work with questions of how to practice care-ful relations. Together, we’ll also be working on/working through/working with: what is practice, what is care, what is a relation?

Katherine MacBride, HMK’s current artist-in-residence, has chosen to build this day’s programme with existing, ongoing and recurring elements of the HMK social infrastructure as a way of working on/working through/working with the longer, slower, and ongoing relations that sustain HMK. Listening will be a grounding process for focusing attention throughout the day’s activities.

These will include: collectively rebuilding the HMK bar in a Self-Care in Self-Build workshop with Harriet Rose Morley, a short guided walk with Katherine MacBride, a listening session with a thematic mix by Katherine in HMK, a talk with invited guests (TBC), an Instant Choir session with Ciska Ruitenberg, and a simple shared meal with drinks.

Many bodies are welcome but please see the access note below for some restrictions. Non-building participation in the Self-Care in Self-Build workshop is also very welcome. The walk will be short, slow, and gentle, and can be adapted to fit the needs of those present on the day. There will be a range of seating and lying down options available in the space. Any food allergies email up until 26 March to let us know. HMK can be quite cold so dress warmly.

13.00: Inloop
13.30: Workshop: Self-Care in Self-Build by Harriet Rose Morley
14.30: Walk in the surroundings of HMK and a cup of tea afterwards
15.30: Listening session
16.00: Talk: On practising care-ful relations
17.00: Instant Choir with Ciska Ruitenberg
After: Drinks and vegan soup

Katherine MacBride is an artist who works with performance, installation, writing, video, and event making. Much of her practice focuses on relational entanglements, listening across and being attentive to difference, and working creatively towards an ethics of inseparability and interdependency.

Harriet Rose Morley is a multi-disciplinary artist, maker, educator, and facilitator. She works across the disciplines of public art, sculpture, architectural spaces, furniture design, urban planning, and alternative education. Her work and projects often challenge our conceptions of the function of public art, urban objects and space; how they do but often don’t function, and how they can be sources of humorous critique of urban architectural space and planning.

About the programme
This event concludes the third chapter of Slow burn, a year-long research programme on what is means to care – for the art institution, for artists, for audiences and for ourselves. After Space and Navigation HMK has focused on the concept of Work. The chapter brought together four artists who look at work, its histories and the relationships and realities it produces from varying angles, examining how we work, why we work so much and the function of work in contemporary society. Work welcomed Vibe Overgaard and Emilia Bergmark, followed by Katherine MacBride with a screening by Kirsten Astrup & Maria Bordorff. Together, they pose the question of other ways of living, being and listening.

A note on access
HMK is in the very beginnings of the process of addressing accessibility. A first access note will become available during Katherine’s residency. In the meantime please contact regarding any access considerations. A very basic access point is that there is a flight of eight 25cm steps up to the front door and a further flight of nine 20cm steps once indoors. There is no accessible toilet and the toilets in the building are seventeen steps down from the main space.

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