New online programme, reflecting on recent events regarding the COVID-19 crisis, exploring ways of caring and coping, finding a new normal and imagining possible futures for ourselves and cultural institutions.

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We live in confusing and testing times. The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the far-reaching precautions made to fight its rapid spread, many lives being turned upside down, entire countries locking down, practicing social distancing, working from home or sitting at home without work, uncertainty about the future, anxiety, loneliness – we are all facing precarious times that demand from us to rethink everything we have done, desired, stood up for and believed in.

Since September 2020 HMK has been engaged with issues of care through and with our year programme Slow Burn. We’ve been looking both inward and outward to what is needed for our institution, our community and ourselves. Who do we care about and for? When do we care badly or too much, for ourselves and each other? How can we build practices and spaces of care within the limits of an exploitative system, with which we are all complicit? Now, these questions seem even more pressing and urgent, albeit in ways none of us had ever imagined.

What do practices of care look like from our homes, our sofas? How do we cope in times of uncertainty? When income disappears? When we find ourselves distanced from our loved ones, the people who care for us and who we care about and for? When we need to carve new ways to go ahead? As we try to flesh out a new normal? And also, how can cultural institutions, how can we at HMK, care for our communities when our doors are closed?

We have been asking ourselves what we, as an institution and its people, can learn in these new and challenging times – and how we can bring together (and share) a multitude of insights and perspectives and facilitate dialogue. In the coming weeks we run a new online programme: ON THE LINE. We will look at past and future projects of Slow Burn from the perspective of recent events. Furthermore, we will share resources/contributions that help us cope during this challenging time and raise awareness of mental health issues that many of us, and those even more vulnerable amongst us, are experiencing now.

With FORUM, three open discussion pages on our website, we would like to actively involve you in helping us further shed light on 1) how we are experiencing the recent events and the impact it has on us, personally and professionally, 2) how we can give shape to a new normal and imagine the future, and 3) what challenges cultural institutions like HMK are facing and what could we do and be, now and in the future?

Our guesthouse, which is vacant during the month of April, will be transformed to a stay-over for a creative who is enthusiastic about living and working in seclusion, or perhaps needs a place to escape, and who is willing to share their experience with us in some small way. More information about this will follow after the weekend.

Even though our doors are closed until further notice, we want to reach out and stay in touch with you. Take care of yourself and others.

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Note: behind closed doors we are, of course, still working on sharing Katherine MacBride’s project Working On/Working Through/Working With with you online. We are also excited to share news on our upcoming artist-in-residence, Priscila Fernandes. Stay tuned to find out more.

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