A Pool Without a Rim

Tamara Kuselman

HMK rounds off our year of reflection and redirection with the chapter Time in which the institution reflects on its own past as an artist’s initiative while artist-in-residence Tamara Kuselman develops a new work researching the tension between control and the lack of control in the time of COVID-19. Kuselman will present a scripted performance exploring the notion of falling and stability and an exhibition of new ceramic works made in collaboration with local ceramicist Amrita Karunaratne.

Institutional Time
Institutional history often risks being forgotten. In the chapter Time HMK brings our uncared for archive to the exhibition space in an attempt at sifting through our past. The process will be open to the public as the team and others involved map out the history of HMK’s 18 years of hosting experimental contemporary art. Alongside the archival process, two events will reflect on the institution’s history: the HMK Salon brings together voices from HMK’s past and psychoanalyst and cultural theorist Lisa Baraitser gives a talk on falling and the time of care.

Tamara Kuselman: A Pool Without a Rim
While HMK organises our past, artist-in-residence Tamara Kuselman tries to understand our current temporal predicament. During her residency, the artist will explore the idea of stability as both a sociological and a psychological concept, particularly pertinent at this moment when our stability is under siege. Kuselman’s new project at HMK looks at “the unexpected”; input that destabilizes our known codes and allows new situations, skills and perspectives to arise – something we are all living through in the time of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, we have all lost our footing and must slowly find it again. We are destabilized, both individually and societally, moving into the unknown, waiting out the fall.

For her new commission, A Pool Without a Rim, Kuselman will engage with specialists in human behaviour within the social and medical sciences and locals of Hoorn who have themselves experienced being caught by the unexpected and falling through the cracks of the everyday. The research will feed into the final installation and performance at HMK in a show that reflects on the relationship between stability, crisis and how the unexpected affects us.

Tamara Kuselman
Tamara Kuselman is an Argentinian born and Amsterdam-based visual artist. She received her MFA at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and has been artist-in-residence at the Jan van Eyck and Delfina Foundation (UK). Her works, mainly research-based performances and video works, have been presented internationally, among others at Corridor Project Space (NL, 2020), Tegenboschvanvreden (NL, 2019),  La casa encendida (ES, 2018), Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (NL, 2016), Frestas Trienal de Artes (BR, 2014), and De Appel Arts Center (NL, 2013). She is currently preparing new work for the Bienal de Performance 2021 in Buenos Aires.

Slow burn
Tamara Kuselman’s residency concludes HMK’s 2020 year program Slow Burn, developed by artists Griet Menschaert and Maja Bekan and curator Miriam Wistreich. Through six chapters – Space, Navigation, Work, Endurance, Community and Time – Slow Burn brought together a range of voices to think about the politics of the artist residency and how we can navigate through the landscape of the art world with care.

For any questions, please reach out to office@hotelmariakapel.nl.

This project is kindly supported by: Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Hoorn, Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds.