Open Call 2022

Open Open Call for proposals for a residency at Hotel Maria Kapel in 2022 

With pleasure and excitement, Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) invites proposals from all kinds of artistic practitioners to develop a project at Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) in 2022. This open call does not invite practitioners to respond to a theme, rather we invite you to raise and conceptualise your questions and urgencies in the form of a project proposal.

The deadline for applications is Monday, 31 May 2021, 00:00.

HMK understands a residency as a medium for artistic practice. We encourage searching for forms of presentation other than exhibitions, including outcomes such as performance, lectures, publications, dinners, workshops, and conversations. A residency at HMK always entails a public presentation developed by the artist in residence.

We encourage artistic experimentation, meaning that HMK aims to support projects that allow initiation and testing of the resident’s idea and practice. We value proposals that can lead to unexpected outcomes and respond to a rapidly changing world. We want to support projects that engage with process as much as with the presentation of outcomes. We emphasise and encourage direct collaboration between the resident and HMK’s team and aim for the institution’s programming to adapt to and follow the resident’s practice, ideas, and methods, rather than the other way around.

This open call invites beginning* and returning** artistic practitioners living and working in The Netherlands to send in their proposals. We welcome practices of all kinds, including collectives.  

* Artistic practitioner within four years of graduation.
** Artistic practitioner returning to their practice after a break due to e.g. (side) jobs, parenthood, health reasons, (informal) caregiving, doubt, loss, etc.

We are calling for proposals for two types of residencies, three residencies for the duration of six weeks, with accommodation, and up to two residencies for the duration of five months, without accommodation. The five-month residency unfolds outside of HMK and in the locality of Hoorn or the area of West-Friesland.

Since 2003 HMK has functioned as a residency for contemporary artists. In 2020 HMK was asking: how can we be an institution of care within the limits of an exploitative system, with which we are all complicit? In 2021 we continue to partly reshape the institution to respond to matters of urgency in the support of artistic practice through the year theme On Shelter

While adding to our directive of becoming an institution of care; becoming a structure for support, for our 2022 Open Open Call we rather offer an infrastructural framework than a thematic, and wonder, which common will be voiced in the proposed projects?

Emerging from the first phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, young artists are entering into an even more uncertain art world. In the face of a recession and worldwide shifts in how we work, travel, interact, and become, we want to address our shared uncertainty and offer our support to artists in the first years of their professional practice, or during a return to their practice after a break. 

We try to map the needs of young practitioners in a changing (art) world and like to amplify the local diversity of artistic practices in The Netherlands. Therefore, we invite national and international artists, performers, writers, researchers, and practitioners of other disciplines living and working in The Netherlands to apply for a residency in 2022.

We are calling for proposals for two types of residencies:

– Three residencies for the duration of six weeks, with accommodation. We expect residents to be on-site for the duration of this residency.

– Up to two residencies for the duration of five months, without accommodation. The five-month residency unfolds outside of HMK and in the locality of Hoorn or the area of West-Friesland. 

This longer term, five-month residency is meant to host projects that engage with the locality of Hoorn and its residents. We encourage projects that consider the where and who of HMK and take place outside of the institution’s building. Proposals for the long-term residency should engage with HMK and its locality in a process-based manner. This longer-type residency is not meant to accommodate exhibitions.

Projects developed by HMK’s long-term residents often aim to embed themselves into the local context of Hoorn. Residents map and initiate/participate (in) dialogues with the city on many layers, involving its human and non-human inhabitants in processes of research and development, allowing plurivocal knowledges to arise.

Please note that you can only apply for one of the two types of residencies.

We offer:
– Residents are offered full and free use of accommodation and working facilities: 

The living quarters are located in a former school building surrounded by artists’ studios, adjacent to the exhibition/workspace. It consists of one large living space, modest but light and spacious, with a small kitchen. Toilets and showers are shared. We host one artist (or group of artists) per residency. Partners, family, and visitors are welcome.

The exhibition/workspace is approx. 9×18 m, 8 m high, with 5 large church windows. HMK’s exhibition/workspace is located in an early 16th-century chapel, surrounded by a semi-public courtyard. This tranquil and spacious working environment offers a special space for reflection, experimentation, and production. In the basement of the chapel, a 50-seat cinema is housed and is at the resident’s disposal. 

We engage our audiences with the artistic process by keeping the exhibition/workspace open to visitors Thursday – Saturday/Sunday from 13-17.00.

– An artist fee of €2420,- (six-week residency) / €3630,- (five-month residency) (incl. VAT)

– A production budget of €1000,- (both the six-week residency and the five-month residency) plus reimbursement of travel costs to and from the residency up to €120,-. 

– Curatorial support in the form of sitting and thinking with, and through the work, contextualizing projects, and mediation of the project between practice, artist, (future) collaborators, and audiences. Plus, curatorial support in the form of installing/preparing the work for presentation in collaboration with the resident.  

– Relational support in the form of connections to local, national, and international networks and partners.

– Productional advice.

– Assistance with securing additional project fundraising. 

– Promotional activities concerning the residency. 

How to apply:

For the six-week residency, we ask for the following:
– a project proposal (max. 3000 characters)
– artist statement (max. 1500 characters)
– portfolio (max. 5 pages), CV (max. 1 page)


For the long-term residency (five-month duration) we ask for:
– a project description including ideas for partner organisations for the project (max. 3000 characters)
– a brief proposal for a 5-month plan (max. 700 characters)
– artist statement (max. 1500 characters)
– portfolio (max. 5 pages), CV (max. 1 page)


In case of questions, please contact

The deadline for applications is Monday, 31 May 2021, 00:00. 

Applications will be carefully considered by a committee consisting of representatives of HMK’s team and board as well as two external committee members, including one former HMK resident.

A selection of applicants will be invited for a short online interview, which will take place between 16-18  June 2021. 

Residents will be selected and notified by June 18, 2021.

Only complete applications that adhere to all of the guidelines above will be taken into consideration.

Due to the scale of our team, but with the aim of supporting practitioners, we can offer limited feedback if requested within a week of rejection.

About HMK:
Hotel Maria Kapel (HMK) is an artist-in-residence, exhibition space, and cinema for contemporary visual art in the city center of Hoorn. We are a non-profit organisation that aims to support and assist artists in the development of their practices and the production of new work and promote exchanges between national and international artists, cultural institutions, and the public.

HMK positions the artist at the core of its activities. The public programme of exhibitions, screenings, lectures, workshops, and publications aims to challenge perceptions of what constitutes contemporary art and bring audiences closer to the practices that motivate it.

HMK is run by a small team consisting of an artistic- and a business director that both work three days per week, and a communications executive that works one day per week. There is a dedicated group of volunteers present that live in proximity of the chapel and support the team and residents. In 2021 and 2022 we are structurally supported by the Mondriaan Fonds and the local government of Hoorn. Often, additional funding is raised in collaboration with the artist in residence.

Images: Interior view of the chapel. Photography: Bart Treuren; Priscila Fernandes at work during Happier than a seagull with a french fry, 2020. Photography: Bart Treuren; Interior view of guesthouse during Minne Kersten’s working period; Performance reading by Ada Patterson during To that special someone, part II by Project Space At7, around Rik Dijkhuizen’s installation Inside Poolside. Photography: Bart Treuren.

Made possible with the help of: Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Hoorn.