Producing one another

by Alina Lupu & Valy Lupu
residency in Hoorn: July 2021
residence at a distance: until end 2021

Alina Lupu’s residency at HMK is one of two long-term research residencies of the year program On Shelter, which examines notions of home and safety, motherhood and reproductive labour. After a stay in HMK’s guest house in July together with her mother Valy, Alina she rounds off her residency period with the implementation of several embodied pieces of reflection that intervene, renegotiate and feed back into the institution and its activities, carefully producing one another.

Alina Lupu took the chance of the residency format of HMK in order to flip the switch on her relationship with her mother. During the month of July, 9 years into Alina’s move to the Netherlands, she temporarily uprooted her mother from Romania and continued with her a dialogue that began at birth. She did this in order to allow them both to learn from each other’s new ways of being, with the benefit of almost a decade that passed since her departure and the 2,500 km that needed to be traveled to meet each other in person. During their residency at HMK, they took time to reflect on the old ways that made them who they are as individuals and in relation: from traditional modes of employment to lifelong frames of reference, to national identity, and the many emotional hurdles that mothers and daughters step over on their way to producing one another.

At the year’s end, Alina Lupu will be rounding off her reflections and responding to her residency at HMK by organising the Mother/hood/ing reading group. During three sessions (13 November, 27 November, 4 December 2021), she, together with curator Isobel Dryburgh and the participants, will exchange thoughts on motherhood, mothering and its collaborative dimension. These texts and the discourse at hand – together with an additional reader with writings by Alina – will then live on within the walls of HMK, through the implementation of the Motherhood Library. This library is to be built by, and in collaboration with, HMK-alumnus Harriet Rose Morley. Over time, and through hosting artists in years to come, HMK is planning on continuously adding to it. As a final embodied piece of reflection, Alina is planning on installing a temporary second hand clothing shop, further pushing the institution’s responsibilities towards becoming a welcoming space, which is embedded in the local community, within which we are all, at any given time, producing one another.

About the artist
Alina Lupu is a Romanian-born and bred, Dutch-based post-conceptual artist and writer. The focus of her practice is on precarious living and working conditions for art workers and laborers in general. In September 2020, she joined the program committee of Kunsthuis Syb in Beesterzwaag and she is a recent board member of Platform BK, where she strives to improve the position of (international) art workers and to stimulate the public debate on the role of visual art in society.

Images: Alina Lupu

Made possible with the help of: Mondriaan Fonds, Gemeente Hoorn.