‘Connective tissue’: year program 2022

Hotel Maria Kapel is pleased to announce the 2022 program with artists: Dasha Golova, Benjamin Francis, Ana Linhares, Afra Eisma & Kubilay Mert Ural, Pérez Bravo Collective, Niki Milioni and Vita Buivid.

Which urgencies are felt in our bodies? How do we tend for gaping wounds? And how can we stitch together two sides of a cut? Over the past two years, HMK spent time learning about care (Slow Burn, 2020) and support (On Shelter, 2021) and it is continuing to do so. Earlier this year, HMK invited practitioners to raise and conceptualise their questions and urgencies during the Open Open Call, from which the 2022 year program has been formulated. With Connective tissue, HMK and its artists in residence will be carefully examining the fractures, frictions, irregularities, and connections in the social tissue of our time. Together, they contribute to possible structures for repair and healing, from which critical thought about the urgencies in our shared future can emerge. 

Connective tissue, to hold our changing bodies and heal our gaping wounds. An agent for support and care, on the outside and within. Bodies, individual and communal, in a crucial moment of transition and repair.

Built as a chapel belonging to a 16th-century monastery, HMK is venturing into the specific history of its centuries-old building for the third year in a row. Connective tissue is taking inspiration from the so-called Hôtel-Dieu, monasterial hospitals, where monks and nuns treated the wounded, ill and needing – one of the seven corporal acts of mercy (misericordia). In our fractured and polarizing times, there is a dire need for mercy; of attentive listening, care and safety. The tension between the individual and communal body is stretched. The holes in the social tissue become wider and more tangible. It shows where repair is needed and what the interwoven agents are. As a society, now more than ever, we need to carefully assess our wounds and heal by creating new tissue. 

How can we think with and about support, care and connection in such a multiplicity of dispositions? HMK’s 2022 program Connective tissue continues to respond to matters of urgency in the support of artistic practice.

Hotel Maria Kapel is made possible with the help of Mondriaan Fonds and Gemeente Hoorn.