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Become a donor of Hotel Maria Kapel and contribute to the realization of the various art projects planned for 2018-2019. HMK has been designated by the tax authorities as a Cultural ANBI (Public Benefit Organization). This means an extra tax benefit, both for you and for HMK. On the one hand, HMK is exempt from donation law, which means that every donation is entirely for the benefit of HMK; on the other hand, you can count on an additional donation deduction.

(Please note: to benefit from this deduction you need to be a Dutch tax payer. Donations from abroad are possible, but without annual deduction.)

As a private individual you can deduct the amount of the gift times 1,25 in your income tax return (with a maximum of € 1,250); as a company, this is 1.5 times the amount of the gift in the corporate income tax return. You can also donate once or periodically. The amount of your refund depends on your income / profit and the amount of other deductions. Up to an annual income € 19,645 you have a 37% refund on your deduction, up to € 55,991 you have a 42% refund and from € 55,991 you have a 52% refund.

Example private:
You have a total income of € 35,000. The threshold for deduction of a donation is € 350 (1%), and the maximum is € 3,500 (10%). In 2018 you support HMK with € 800. Increase this amount by 25% with your income declaration: € 1,000. The threshold (€ 350) is deducted from this amount: € 650. So in the end you have a deduction of € 650. Of this amount you receive 42% back: € 273. Your net donation (after return) is ultimately € 527.

If you register your donation in a deed for the next 5 years (a periodic donation over 5 years of € 800 per year), then the threshold falls away and you may deduct the full (1.25 x) amount. In that case you will receive € 420 and you will only pay € 380 annually.

Example companies:
You can deduct donations to HMK from your annual profit. Per year, the deduction can not exceed 50% of your profit, with a maximum of € 100,000. You must be able to prove the gifts in writing. In addition, you may increase the deduction of the profit by 50%. However, that increase is a maximum of € 2,500. If you donate € 1,000 to HMK, you can increase it by 50% (€ 1,500) and declare it as a deductible item. If your profit on an annual basis does not exceed € 200,000, you can receive 20% of this amount back: € 300. Your donation is only € 700 after the return.

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The RSIN (Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatienummer) or the tax number of Hotel Maria Kapel is: 812129908

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