by Ganesh Nepal
mentoring residency: February – December 2021
opening programme: Saturday, 4 December 2021, 14.00-17.00 (changed date)
on view: 4 December 2021 – 22 January 2022

Metamorphosis is the outcome of Ganesh Nepal’s year-long research project, while being HMK’s mentoring artist-in-residence. With this project, the artist aims to expose the hidden narratives of those continuously living through the experience of being treated as an outsider. 


Pop-Up Thrift Shop

by Alina Lupu, as part of the residency Producing one another
Date: 13 November – 18 December 2021
Open during HMK opening hours (Thu-Sat, 13.00-17.00)
Price per item: 2 Euros, via QR (Tikkie)

As part of her residency Producing One Another, artist Alina Lupu will be installing a pop-up thrift shop in collaboration with charity foundation Dromehof – and alongside the Mother/hood/ing reading groups she is organising together with Isobel Dryburgh.

Producing one another

by Alina Lupu & Valy Lupu
residency in Hoorn: July 2021
residence at a distance: until end 2021

Alina Lupu’s residency at HMK is one of two long-term research residencies of the year program On Shelter, which examines notions of home and safety, motherhood and reproductive labour. After a stay in HMK’s guest house in July together with her mother Valy, Alina she rounds off her residency period with the implementation of several embodied pieces of reflection that intervene, renegotiate and feed back into the institution and its activities, carefully producing one another.


Post-Precarity Autumn Camp: How to survive as an artist?

27 September – 1 October, 2021

During this autumn camp, the INC, Hotel Maria Kapel, and Platform BK invite fifteen recent graduates in art, design, and theatre to five days of workshops to boost the hard and soft skills required to live and work in the Dutch cultural sector. The resulting zine will be a toolkit for all (young) cultural workers, collecting insights on work in the gig economy, money flows in the cultural sector, experiments with crypto, staying happy and healthy, and durable self-organization.


Missing Homes

with Arie de Fijter, Sarah Naqvi, Paky Vlassopoulou, Shreya de Souza and Mylou Oord (organizers of the Queer Choir Amsterdam together with Sarah Naqvi) and Setareh Noorani & Matt Plezier (SMET), curated by HMK resident Danai Giannoglou.
Exhibition and programme: 4 July – 5 September 2021


Art (History) Actuality School: Soft resistance, hard resistance.

Subtitle: Walks, queering, squatting, something to hold on to, and the neoliberal turn.

an interactive art history or rather an actuality referencing lecture by the artist in residence Alina Lupu, responding to the exhibition Missing Homes, curated by Danai Giannoglou, with Arie de Fijter, Sarah Naqvi, Paky Vlassopoulou, Shreya de Souza, and Mylou Oord, as organizers of Queer Choir Amsterdam, together with Sarah Naqvi and Setareh Noorani & Matt Plezier (SMET).

Thursday, 22 July 2021, 19:30-21:00 – in English.

Go to the Facebook event, make a reservation or join us on Instagram Live via following link


Shelter in Place

Setareh Noorani & Matt Plezier (SMET)
Residency: February – June 2021
Workshops: May-June 2021

Installation: on view 4 July – 5 September 2021, as part of the exhibition Missing Homes.
Info boot tours through Hoorn, departing from HMK*:
Saturday, 17 July, 12.00 to 13.00, with SMET
Saturday, 31 July (time TBA), with Martijn Aerts

*During the info booth tours, the project travels outside the walls of HMK and through the city to actively, physically and metaphorically continue the exchange between SMET and (the residents of) Hoorn. Everyone is welcome to attend the tour; meeting point is HMK and a reservation is not necessary.

Follow Shelter in Place on Instagram: @shelterinplace_smet


Inside Archive

Rik Dijkhuizen
permantent installation
opening (online): 1 June – 5 June 2021

With Inside Archive, artist and HMK alumnus Rik Dijkhuizen places a monumental yet understated yellow cube on the mezzanine of HMK’s minty green reception area, which explores practices of care within the context of spatial design, archiving, and mental wellbeing. The permanent installation double-functions as a public archive and private hide-out and reflects on the idea of the archive as a living body that needs continuous caring, and living bodies as archives that need caring sanctuaries to withdraw to in times of (personal) peril.


Art History School; Enter/Exit

an interactive art history lecture by Iskra Vukšić, responding to the project Schelter in Place by Setareh Noorani & Matt Plezier
Thursday 10 June, 19:30,
RESERVE YOUR SEAT or join us via HMK’s Instagram Live (In Dutch)
*online publication on Youtube in the week after

Enter/Exit is a lecture around architecture as shelter. In a series of personal notes and associations, Iskra Vukšić juxtaposes the act of withdrawing inside our homes with that of departing. Through anecdotes of her home country and explorations of the material of concrete, she wonders: when do buildings harbour us, and under what conditions are we bound to leave them?


Constant Companion

Constant Companion, Minne Kersten
Residency: 1 March – 22 April 2021
Exhibition: 23 April – 29 May 2021
Art History School: 7 May, with Matisse Huiskens (online publication)
Online finissage: 28 May, with Maria Barnas (more info follows soon)

HMK is currently closed. We will keep engaging you with Minne Kersten’s project ‘Constant Companion’ through our website and social media. For a professional studio visit, people are invited to make an appointment by sending an email to Minne,


Finissage: Constant Companion

Friday 28 May 2021, 17.00-18.00 (CEST)
Online via YouTube

Join us for the online closing event of the exhibition ‘Constant Companion’ by artist Minne Kersten at Hotel Maria Kapel in Hoorn.

17:00: Introduction
17:10: Exhibition view (video)
17:15: A conversation between artist Minne Kersten and HMK’s artistic director Tirza Kater
17:30: Premiere of the film ‘Constant Companion’ by Minne Kersten
17:40: Audio recording of ‘Of the raven’ by Maria Barnas
17:45: Room for questions

Continue reading via Linktree or attend the Facebook event


Art History School; Verstrooide Vrienden

an interactive art history lecture by Matisse Huiskens, responding to Minne Kersten’s exhibition Constant Companion (in Dutch)
7 May, 17:00, via HMK’s Instagram Live
–> online publication on Youtube

After months away from our friends, in isolation, after numerous attempts to distract ourselves in private, not all of us long for a way to escape? Can we find solace in art, while our loved ones are also distracted (or otherwise absent)?


Summer residency: project space at7

While a 7×4 meter pool by artist in residence Rik Dijkhuizen fills our chapel (on view until 13 September), Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] presents resident project space at7 and a public programme that explores how we can host and care for our communities, local and international, with pleasure and accountability. Please join us for a day of learning, lounging, eating and performances curated by at7 on 22 August.

To That Special Someone, Part II – summer at HMK
A day of performances and care: Saturday, 22 August 2020, 12.00 – 21.00


Happier Than a Seagull with a French Fry

Priscila Fernandes
Residency dates: 1 June – 11 July, 2020
Open for public: 11 June – 11 July, 2020
Cinema: Priscila Fernandes, Portrait of an Artist

After almost three months of being closed to the public, Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK] re-opened its doors for the public with Happier Than a Seagull with a French Fry by artist Priscila Fernandes. With this residency we invited visitors to witness the creation of an impressive new work in Fernandes’ Labour Series, an ongoing reflection on the dichotomy between work and leisure. In times of an almost complete collapse of the boundaries between work private life, socialising and time to enjoy, Fernandes’ project offers a possibility to reflect on the connections between work, our bodies and the systems that connect them.


process: Happier Than a Seagull with a French Fry

Priscila Fernandes
Residency dates: 1 June – 11 July, 2020
Open for public: 11 June – 11 July, 2020
Cinema: Priscila Fernandes, Portrait of an Artist

With Happier Than a Seagull with a French Fry by artist Priscila Fernandes we invited visitors to witness the creation of an impressive new work in Fernandes’ Labour Series, an ongoing reflection on the dichotomy between work and leisure. A photo report.


In response to Black Lives Matter and the upcoming demonstration in Hoorn

On Saturday, FvD leader Thierry Baudet placed flowers at the foot of the statue of Jan Pieterszoon Coen (1587-1629) in celebration of “his hero”. Although there should be room for different voices to speak up, we do not find the racist and horrific actions of the past heroic. We are in support of the removal of the statue of Coen and will be participating in the peaceful demonstration tomorrow evening (19 June, 19.00, Roode Steen, Hoorn) and strongly feel the demonstration should go forward as planned. We invite everyone who believes in rethinking, rewriting and changing history to work for a better present and future to join the gathering.


13 Februari: Instant Choir

Thursday, 13 February, 7:30-9:15 pm
Admittance: €10,- per session, €27,- for 3 sessions
(Free admittance if you follow lessons at Muziekschool Boedijn or if you’re voluntering at HMK)
Please rsvp by sending an email to


kevin hunt, beweme

BEWEME is an open source, unlimited edition, single colour Risograph print that tessellates into a ‘wallpaper’. Designed to be a backdrop, installed within the social areas of public institutions; interior spaces people gather, work and interact.

public event: solid care

A one-day conversation on art spaces and residencies as spaces of care
Wednesday 30 October, 14.30-19.30 h.
rsvp to

The newly appointed Editorial Committee of Hotel Maria Kapel [HMK], Maja Bekan and Miriam Wistreich, in collaboration with Griet Menschaert, cordially invite you to join us for the launch of the research programme Slow Burn at HMK.